Wool Wrap Futon Mattress Full or Queen

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Wool Wrap Futon Mattress Full or Queen
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Full or Queen Size - Bringing Together Cotton and Wool Wool is recognized as two of the most the most resilient natural fibers on earth, with outstanding comfort and insulating properties. The WoolWrap mattress starts with the finest high-resiliency double foam core surrounded by 50 lbs.

Wool Wrap
There's 40 or 50 lbs. of cotton inside a full or Queen size WoolWrap - twice what you'd find in most other futons.
No other futon compares to the WoolWrap for sheer luxury, with a plush 2" thick layer of superior New Zealand virgin wool
completely surrounding the foam and cotton inner core. Two 2" layers of 1.8 density H.R. foam - the finest and densest foam used in any futon -provide unsurpassed resiliency and long-lasting comfort.
We find this futon has a firm feel when sleeping on.

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